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LEI Services

LuxCSD is a Local Operating Unit (LOU) based in Luxembourg and accredited by the Global LEI
Foundation (GLEIF) for the management of LEI codes. LuxCSD provides services for the issuance and
renewal of LEI codes, as well as the update of LEI reference data. LuxCSD provides LEI services in a
number of jurisdictions across the world. To guide registrants through the issuance of an LEI, yearly
renewal, updating reference data through challenges and other processes, LuxCSD user help and
required documents are provided in the folders of the user accounts.

Please login to your portal account to consult the relevant documentation. If you are a first time
user of LuxCSD's online portal, you can register by clicking the button below.

1. Under self-registration principles, users are responsible for the provision and correctness of the data provided as part of the Legal
    Entity Reference Data (LE-RD).
2. LuxCSD will not process any request for an entity registered outside the determined portfolio of jurisdictions for which it is accredited.
3. LuxCSD LEI Services differ from custody and settlement services offered by LuxCSD S.A. and in particular should be construed
    as holding an account and securities with LuxCSD S.A.
4. The UnaVista platform is operated by the London Stock Exchange. Users must agree to comply with the Website Terms and
    Conditions of Use.
5. Users must agree and comply with the LuxCSD General Terms and Conditions.

42 Avenue J.F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Email: lei.service@luxcsd.com
Website: http://www.luxcsd.com